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The entry-level resume is designed for those with little or no work experience, or if you are moving into a new field in which you have no experience. Whereas other resumes focus on the breadth of experience that seekers have gained, this unique resume will blend both the skills you have already developed with life experience that you bring with you to the interview table. When well-positioned, these will show the prospective employer that your willingness and dedication to growing overcomes any perceived limitations brought on by lack of experience.

This résumé will be well-designed and articulately written. Since résumés go into databases these days, we'll make sure to keep it keyword-rich so the right triggers will be hit in the HRIS systems.



The cover letter, which accompanies the résumé, serves as an introduction and an explanation, although a succinct one, of why you are interested in the position. As such, it's an important document to have in your arsenal when job searching. You'll use this letter to show how your skills align with the need the company's looking to fill. It's also a good document to showcase your conscientious writing skills.

Our cover letters are personally written with your job search and interests in mind. We guarantee that they will be grammatically and stylistically appropriate. They'll also be written a contemporary business format. No templates or plagiarism. All for a reasonable price.



The mid-career resume is designed for those with more than five years of experience or for those with any type of leadership background. Our goal is to bring to life the wealth of experience and volume of skills you bring to each interview. You're a forward thinker. You're process-oriented. You have business acumen. You're ready to take your next employer to the next level. As such, you'll need a resume to match.

We'll apply a contemporary approach to your resume, always keeping keywords and recruiting eyes in mind. We'll focus less on bullet points and more on telling your unique story. Your résumé will be grammatically correct and according to the standards of the industry you're looking to work in.



The executive résumé deviates from other types. You have gained a lot of experience and developed a lot of skills. You have lead groups and large projects. You have been the go-to decision-maker for many years. You're a strategic thinker. Your résumé will be designed to flesh out your story and make a convincing case on why you should be the next leader for your future company.

We guarantee a professionally written product that will be at least two pages in length. The document will be keyword-rich and expansive enough to appeal to different types of leaders. It will also leave enough room for you to expound on your abilities. You won't go wrong with this product.



Did you know that most people don't send thank-you notes after interviews? And did you know that recruiters recognize this? What better way to stand out than by sending a well-crafted, targeted thank-you letter! We're not talking about a novel. We're talking about a two-paragraph (at the max) letter that thanks the interviewer(s) and reinforces your belief that your skills are the ideal solution for the gaping need the company is looking to have met.

Let us craft the letter for you so that you can continue to focus on your discussions with other potential employers. We can either create a template for you to complete after each meeting, or we can create a letter for you each time. Either way, you need this to stand out.



Recruiters get busy when trying to staff for roles. You may have been one of 100 candidates that they met with for one position. Perhaps they tell you that they will follow up with you, but you never hear from them. Don't just let that relationship dangle with assumptions. Send a follow-up letter to get a status update. This is professional, and it ensures that you are devoting your energies in the right direction.

Our follow-up letters are succinctly written and targeted to remind the recruiter why you were contacted originally: because of your professionalism, expertise, and tenacious attitude. Stand out from everyone else by having a well-done follow-up letter.



Congratulations! You landed the job! Now all the fun things start happening, such as requests for personal information to start background-verification processes. Before you get too far into everything, consider sending an official acceptance letter for your position. The goal of this letter is to officially state that your acceptance of the position, but also to clarify the details of what you are accepting. This can include salary, benefits, time-off benefits, and more. This is a document of clarity so that both you and your employer are aligned on the new role.

This is a critical letter that can contain a lot of information that can protect you. We'll take care of it for you by laying out your agreed-upon remuneration package, work-life benefits, start dates, and terms of agreements made during the interview process. Order now.



Ever made it through the recruiting experience, liked everything you heard, only to get the official job offer and it's 100 percent different from what was promised? (It happens more than you think.) That's never a good sign. If you are no longer interested in the role, don't just leave the recruiter hanging. Send an official decline letter letting him/her know officially. It's not a long letter, just one that explains that you're pursuing other opportunities with companies that are better aligned to your skills.

A well-written decline letter can leave the door open for other opportunities with the turned-down employer if they arise in the future. This letter shows that you were professional enough to set expectations. Our letters are original and not canned. And they will leave a strong taste of professionalism in the mouth of the employer you're leaving behind.



You have done a lot of work to land that interview. Now you need to get prepared for it, which means that you'll need to do some research on the role, company, and your interviewers. Why bother with the research when we can do it for you? Provide us the job description or any other relevant information, and we'll craft questions that are targeted and that will give you answers that you need to know before accepting a role. We'll send you 10 questions in a Word document that you can keep electronically or print out for your interview.

Be a standout by having some meaningful, hard-hitting questions for your interview. Your recruiters and interviewers will not only thank you, but they'll remember you.








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